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OMG if you looks under yourp skirt
you can see your face
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31st-Oct-2008 11:17 pm - If I was a digimon XD
sora eye
I'd totally be Gomamon.

I mean cuteness.

Plus Takeuchi Junko.


28th-Oct-2008 02:18 pm - XD Cap of the day~

XD Jyou~!

27th-Oct-2008 12:12 pm - Pure Pwn Edit
sora eye
Edit on November 12, 2008 <  I've been meaning to do this for a while.

Lockoff is NOT as awesome as I thought he was at first. Now he's just :/

I mean, I like him, but Lockon is just SOOOO much better :3

TT_TT I miss Lockon!!

End Edit.

I see that some people dislike Lyle Dylandy.

Um. Okay?

I love Lyle <3 <3  <33333 ~! Lots~! I miss Lockon, though.

The purpose of this post is to put a clear difference on who I'm talking about when I'm talking about them. An awesome comic by maple_rose  in gundam00  presented this idea.

Neil Dylandy = Lockon
Lyle Dylandy = Lockoff

*insert some karate kid punny humor in here*



I will forever be in love with Luffy's hat :3

~Lockon Stratos~

A few months ago, I would have gone Fire Emblem Dark Knight on anyone who said this, but....

It's perfectly alright with me if Lyle Dylandy takes Lockon's place! ^w^ He's yummy!

Shut up! I know they look exactly the same, but Lyle's personality is soooo~~ cyute~! And he's got Lockon's down to earthyness :D

In other news, I love that Saji is being "held captive," I love Setsuna and Marina's answer to the lovers question, and I love Feldt! Period! She's so freaking awesome! And Shirin is pretty freaking cool, too. Shirin and Feldt are my two favorite female characters! I think I might try to pull of Shirin at Animazement 2009, because that would be pretty easy to put together. That leaves Feldt to be cosplayed at a later date.

Anywho, I love how Feldt totally slapped the crap outta Lyle/Lockon (from now on I will refer to Lyle as Lockon and former Lockon as Neil)! It was just the perfect reaction~! But I certainly hope a relationship blooms :3 My favorite pairing. Although, it used to be Neil/Feldt, but wuteva...

27th-Oct-2008 12:19 am - Ugh...
sora eye
I just tried my hand at oekaki for the first time in... like a year! Awful, awful stuff. Just terrible.

Dear lord! I cannot WAIT until I get my tablet...

26th-Oct-2008 10:08 pm - Animated One Piece Icons
I have a lot more, but they're much too large for eljay. They're designed more for forums that have no size limits for icons~

Lookie, look~Collapse )

I'll probably go back and finish up these at some point... but uh, not any time soon.

And if anyone knows where the text textures came from in that Takuya one, please comment and let me know! I want to credit, but I can't remember for the life of me where they came from T_T

Under here~~Collapse )

26th-Oct-2008 08:47 pm - Whatever you wish for...
I sure ain't gonna give it to you! Because I'm mean!

Current life:

Screencapping: Digimon Frontier (Done. Should I upload?)
Icon Making: Digimon Frontier, One Piece
Watching/Capping: Gundam 00
Downloading: Digimon Savers/One Piece
Otaku Mascot/Window Sitter: Gundam 00 Characters (Lockon, Setsuna, Allelujah + Hallelujah, Tieria, Feldt, and Saji)
Writing: Should be continuing an arp (role play)
Drawing: Akeboshi Inspired Manga entitled A Nine Day's Wonder
Music Loving: Akeboshi, Steve Conte, Sweetbox, and Maaya Sakamoto
Reading: Trying to get myself to finish Water vol. 3
Playing: Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
Making: Ike, Janice and Tron Kairi costumes
Anticipating: Gundam 00 on Sci-Fi, Nov 24, 11pm XD
Fangirling over: Lockon Stratos

Do I seem busy?

Cap of the Day:

This is how I feel right now~~ I love Takuya-kun and his genki-ness~ 

And is it just me or do Kouji and Takuya both appear to have feminine body shapes? Until they're nakie, of course.

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