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OMG if you looks under yourp skirt
you can see your face
My, my, my. Tieria Erde and Steve Perry. 
24th-Nov-2008 05:53 pm
frozen flame
I swear neko_karakaze's and my favorite thing to talk about together is Tieria Erde. I mean, the conversations on this topic are endless! So many possibilities!

In other news:

Screencapping: Digimon Adventure, Shugo Chara
Icon Making: Digimon Frontier, One Piece, Wall-E, FFX-2, Kingdom Hearts
Watching: Gundam 00 S2, Shugo Chara
Downloading: Digimon Savers/Gundam 00 S2/One Piece/Shugo Chara
Pixel Art/Spriting: Soma Peires, Regene Regetta, Graham Cracker, Graham Cracker (again), Haro, and more.
Writing: A cute story in my head that will probably just end up being a picture
Drawing: cute little things
Music Loving: Steve Perry, Journey, Akeboshi
Reading: The Bible. Trying to get myself to finish Water vol. 3 <-- Almost there~! :D
Playing: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokemon Pearl, Gaia ZOMG, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II
Making: Ike costume. Imagination World on Poster Board. Myself play Journey on the piano XD.
Anticipating: 11 o'clock tonight on Sci-Fi!!! Gundam 00 period. The Ike Show.
Fangirling over: Steve Perry and the eighties.

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