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I miss you guys so much

Especially you, maple_rose  XD

I PROMISE to get back to spriting soon... My life has been so full of... life lately that it's scary. I haven't had much time for anything. I've barely been able to keep up with Gundam 00!! N0ES!! But, hopefully things will calm down and I'll get back to making stuffs~~ X3 <3


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Retail + Holidays = No time for hilario!!! :O

I will work on more sprites just as soon as I can

*insert random Fullmetal Alchemist advertisement here*

*now back to your regular program of Gundam 00*
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My, my, my. Tieria Erde and Steve Perry.

I swear neko_karakaze's and my favorite thing to talk about together is Tieria Erde. I mean, the conversations on this topic are endless! So many possibilities!

In other news:

Screencapping: Digimon Adventure, Shugo Chara
Icon Making: Digimon Frontier, One Piece, Wall-E, FFX-2, Kingdom Hearts
Watching: Gundam 00 S2, Shugo Chara
Downloading: Digimon Savers/Gundam 00 S2/One Piece/Shugo Chara
Pixel Art/Spriting: Soma Peires, Regene Regetta, Graham Cracker, Graham Cracker (again), Haro, and more.
Writing: A cute story in my head that will probably just end up being a picture
Drawing: cute little things
Music Loving: Steve Perry, Journey, Akeboshi
Reading: The Bible. Trying to get myself to finish Water vol. 3 <-- Almost there~! :D
Playing: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokemon Pearl, Gaia ZOMG, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II
Making: Ike costume. Imagination World on Poster Board. Myself play Journey on the piano XD.
Anticipating: 11 o'clock tonight on Sci-Fi!!! Gundam 00 period. The Ike Show.
Fangirling over: Steve Perry and the eighties.

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Gundam 00 Dub Premier Party

Is not going to happen.

#1) I work for eight hours on Monday. And I'm unloading the truck + lifting/carrying heavy stuffs afterward. Yuck. Will be exhausted.

#2) I have to go in at 6am on Tuesday.



Which means I won't be able to watch it until Tuesday afternoon TT__TT

Well, I should at least, because I'll be dead on Tuesday if I don't....

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Gundam 00 Community

is love~~

Forget working on screencaps and icons for now~! X3 It's back to pixel art which I so desperately miss!

I'll be back in a few days with a cap for your (well, my) enjoyment! :D

Digimon's Not Gay :D


In other news:

Current life:

Screencapping: Digimon Adventure
Icon Making: Digimon Frontier, One Piece
Watching: Gundam 00
Downloading: Digimon Savers/One Piece
Otaku Mascot/Window Sitter: Gundam 00 Characters (Lockon, Setsuna, Allelujah + Hallelujah, Tieria, Feldt, Saji, Marina, Shirin, Lyle, Pieris/Marie, and more)
Writing: A Nine Day's Wonder (novel version of below)
Drawing: Akeboshi Inspired Manga entitled A Nine Day's Wonder
Music Loving: Akeboshi, Steve Conte, Sweetbox, and Ash Like Snow
Reading: Trying to get myself to finish Water vol. 3
Playing: Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (or I will be.... in like two months)
Making: Ike, Janice, and Shirin costumes. Want to be making Feldt (both season versions) and Gomamon human-morph thing)
Anticipating: Gundam 00 on Sci-Fi, Nov 24, 11pm XD and Gundam 00 episode 6
Fangirling over: Lockon Stratos and Digimon